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Most women on a spiritual path, whether they wish to admit it or not, have had very traumatic lives. When souls were being assigned in the Ocean of Lights they either stood silently and accepted whatever they were given or actually volunteered for difficult assignments.

The Still Before Dawn unveils the secret behind real healing from sexual, physical and emotional abuse. Therapy is like a coat of paint you place over top an old self - eventually that too peals. 


Message from Broken Earth

We are entering a new chapter, a time of advanced spiritual changes.

A time when a fully realized human being may say BE, and it is.  Cun fiya cun . . .  A miraculous age.

We are leaving the age of tyrants, a time of oppression, conflict and strife. The Broken Earth is beginning its cycle of healing. 

The evidence of the Broken Earth is all around us and it is a direct reflection of the current state of humanity.

Millions of people are awakening to the fact that the Earth is Broken. Everywhere people are preparing for the worst. Radio show hosts, blogs, survivalist groups, religious organizations, politicians, commentators,
news programs are all predicting the end of the world, global domination, a global economic collapse. The alarms are being sounded and people are increasingly living in fear. Hoarding food, buying gold, arming themselves to the tees. The future appears to be very grim and for many it is very grim. Those who are not able to break  free from the addictive behaviors that have caused the Earth to become so Broken, are destined to be swept away by stress, fear, starvation, illness and violence. The Earth is self-correcting and the turmoil we are experiencing is only a reflection of an Earth that has finally had enough.

Unlike mankind, the Earth is in complete conformity with God's natural laws and orders, even when mankind is not. It sits patiently enduring mankind's filth and abuse, then, only when given the order, does it start to clean itself. Volcanoes. earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, sinkholes, and disease are all signs of this cleaning. Shedding the filth from the clean Earth.

It is very much a battle between good and evil being played out.

Those persons living lives most contrary to natural laws (those subscribing to Eugenics) know that they are fighting for their own survival and believe they must keep forces that promote natural law at bay in order to survive and maintain control. In there attempt to destroy the forces of good, they are only making the forces of good stronger. Likewise, many well intentioned people in their battle against evil are only making evil stronger. They create awareness that only leads to fear, evil thrives on fear. It does not mean not to expose and understand your enemy. What it means is that you must offer real solutions to combat your enemy, otherwise you are only contributing to the problems.

The changes have begun . . .  The Broken Earth is HEALING!

The peak of ignorance has been reached. Mankind in their foolish pursuit of technological advancement has destroyed the world. The correction has begun and for most the transition will not be easy.

Cleaning and scrubbing often precedes healing.

How does someone who recognizes the Earth is Broken, feels the forces of evil attacking them, and understands that we are headed for some very difficult times, really protect themselves?

The answers - the real solutions to these very questions is what Broken Earth is all about.

The Broken Earth is you - the human being created from Earth is Broken, not the subservient Earth itself. The one is  intrinsically  connected to the other - inseparable in this world, this reality. With the permission for the Earth to heal being order, you as a being created from Earth will either conform or perish.

Those who conform to the Earth's perfect natural laws will live out very happy lives and will soon be raised to the level of fully realized human beings - saints. .            

Those who fight natural laws will be destroyed.

There are literally thousands of news sources, hosts, commentators, preachers, psychics, advisors, survivalists all warning you about what is coming, how the world is ending, detailing the evil plans launched against humanity but none of them are offering any real solutions. Even those who touch upon the spiritual awakening taking place are not able to help you really awaken, so they only cause you to panic and fear the future. They tell you gold will save you, stockpiles of food will save you, guns will save you, education (mind production) will save you, religion will save you, that only they can save you, so support their good efforts - DONATE.

There is nothing to fear, but God (not fear itself)!

If you are truly in conformity with God's natural laws there is nothing to fear. Real holy (whole) people fear nothing but God, and it really is not fear per se, it is reverence, respect and utter awe - never wishing to disappoint.

So educate yourself about the evils of the world by reviewing as many of the news sources available on the Internet as you like. After you have researched them all and sufficiently understood none of them are offering real solutions, then return to Broken Earth and begin to learn about the real answers and solutions that will enable you to survive and thrive in the years to come.

Weak Servants unto their Lord Almighty


                  James & Suzanne - Sheikh Umar & Hajja Fatima

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