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Broken Earth
is about correcting ways in which we approach life that has lead to a Broken Earth. There should be no argument that the Earth is Broken, the debate comes in how we go about fixing it.

More than ever before we have experts offering advice on how to fix our many problems and it seems apparent that the more experts who enter the fold, the more problems we create. Knowing or admitting this is the first step in correcting it. We must conclude that the entire system is Broken, our methods have failed and we are lost. For the most part, today's experts are produced from the University system that is designed to destroy belief and promote secularist thinking. Outside of the context of philosophical discussions God is forbidden on most campuses and academic circles.

There are common causes for these many problems, causes that simply are not being addressed properly. The entire system has been turned upside down by decades and in some cases centuries of wrong thinking. Changing that thinking is key to fixing the problems. Unfortunately, most people really do not want to change. They are fully engulfed in the material world and for them there is no escape. They have worked hard to protect the organized mafia which they have become. For them we must say, leave them alone. Fighting is not the answer. Eventually, once things are done right, they will become irrelevant. So leave them to their corrupt dealings.

There is an old Sufi proverb that says, "correct yourself first" and that is precisely what needs to be done, correct ourselves first.

Broken Earth is simply a collaborative effort to correct ourselves. It is really that simple. If enough of us correct ourselves people will begin to notice. What needs to be corrected? These are the all important questions that need answering.

We must change and heal the people responsible for healing society first. The physical and spiritual healers. Holy men and women (whole human beings), who have made themselves whole and are now able to make others whole. People who have corrected themselves first and can show the others the way.

The Term Broken Earth

The phrase Broken Earth has three meanings in one that will help tell you something about who we are and what we are about.

First, but not least,
Broken Earth, is a global reference indicating the many problems we face as a planet and the need to act globally in our approach towards mending the Broken Earth. The days of governments vying for position must come to an end. There is not a single government in the world today that the common people of any given country are happy with. The definition and responsibility of being a good neighbor has grown and transcends borders and governments. "Treat Thy Neighbor as You Would Want Your Neighbor to Treat Thyself." and "We Have Created You as Divergent Tribes So That You May Come To Know One Another."  To this end Broken Earth develops opportunities for cross-cultures to meet and treat each other with respect. The newly awakened ambassadors of good faith who return from Broken Earth Heart Excursions will share their experiences with others who are not able to travel, in effect humanizing the enemy to their neighbors.

The second meaning of
Broken Earth arises from the idea of a draught ridden cracked dry earth or soil that seems as though it would never again be able to sustain growth. It conveys the hope and promise contained in the soil that there is always a new beginning and as bad as things may appear, one rain can change everything. As life is brought forward from the earth by a shower upon the land, Broken Earth strives to renew meaning in peoples draught ridden, spiritually empty lives through the many programs we offer.

The third meaning of
Broken Earth is from the shared religious understanding from Judaism, Christianity, Islam and other faiths that our bodies are created from sounding clay or earth. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. In the Islamic understanding the angels were ordered to fetch mud from all parts of the Earth for the fashioning of mankind. But the Earth refused to give of her soil for the creation of such a destructive creature and presence upon herself. So the angels returned empty handed. Then God sent forth an angel who would become the angel of death to carry out his orders. The angel of death did as instructed, in spite of the objection of the Earth, and brought forth mud from all parts of the world in various hues and textures. The varying colors and natures of man come from  these divergent soils of the Earth.

Broken Earth eludes to the broken nature of man and his fall from the heavens. The physical earth that our physical bodies are created from must be covered in our spiritual being if we desire to see the heavens again - Reality and Eternity.

We welcome you to an open effort designed to heal and create a momentum towards spirituality and true happiness.


Broken Earth  -  Body and Soul  -  Mud and Light  - Lasting Healing Can Not Take Place Without Addressing Both.
Providing Lasting Spiritually Based Healing Programs for Broken Minds, Hearts, Bodies and Spirits.   Depression,
Suicide, Abuse, Divorce, Anxiety, Loss of a Loved One, Addiction, and Other Spiritually Rooted Disorders.

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