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The Broken Earth website, while remaining as a mechanism to reach people, will not be a replacement for human contact. We wish to encourage people towards a simpler natural lifestyle and away from sitting (read, hiding) behind a computer. As times become more difficult, and they will, these technologies will only contribute to the illusion and distraction away from what is really important. Our advise is to make a transition to a simpler life NOW before you are forced into doing so - then the change will be much easier. If it is important, call or write to us using the information below, but we prefer you just come visit. God Bless!

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Abiquiu, New Mexico  87510
Saint Yusef's Residence

Physical Addresses:   PO Box 705
Old Mystic, CT 06372
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Sick By Design - Our Return to Optimal Health Program
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    Phone:   + (276) 266 5193  (local cell)

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