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   Hijama Course 101 

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Course Description:

Besmillah ir rahman nir raheem,

Restoring the honor and integrity of Hijama

As we have stated all along, the practice of hijama in the west would eventually be usurped by proud people looking to turn this blessed and prophetic procedure into a business. Search the web now and you will find dozens of people offering training courses in hijama and cupping, where only a few years ago there were one or two. Before accepting these many programs as being authoritative, make certain to ask where the person or persons offering the training received their training (ijaaza) and where their teacher's teacher received their training (ijaaza). As Muslims, followers of Prophet Muhammad (saw), we are not people who run after false titles, fake certificates, degrees and positions, creating things out of thin air. True leaders are not elected, they are selected. Without a real ijaaza to practice hijama, the procedure will not receive the healing blessings that an authorized person can provide. Otherwise, you are practicing cupping, not hijama.

The primary purpose of this introductory cupping (hijama) course is to train the student in the basic moral standards, manipulative skills, safety judgments, proper work habits, and desirable prophetic attitudes necessary to obtain an ijaaza as an authorized assistant cupping practitioner. All students who successfully complete the course will then be required to perform at least (50) fifty hours of practical work experience along side an (authorized) cupper with an ijaaza to practice and teach hijama.

Practitioners who wish to offer services to the public and train others, will then need to complete the requirements for the Hijama 102 Course before receiving a final ijaaza to actually perform cupping. Students completing the Hijama 101 Course will be granted an ijaaza as an assistant cupping practitioner. Those students receiving an ijaaza as an assistant cupping practitioner will automatically be enrolled in the Hijama 102 Course. There are no current academic charges foreseen for the Hijama 102 Course, although there are related travel expenses.

Students should fully understand there is no guarantee, no matter how technically proficient you may have become, that you will be granted and ijaaza. First and foremost, a successful ijaaza candidate will have high moral character and honor. Those coming to teach rather than learn, or seeking to "start a business", should likely not waste their or our valuable time.

The course will begin on July 7th and runs five weeks with  two hours of on-line classes held on consecutive Saturday mornings.

Please follow these instructions.

Students should answer and submit their written responses to the following questions along with a short explanation as to why you wish to learn about hijama and what relevant experience you currently have. Once you have submitted your responses and explanation we will send you a full course syllabus, invoice, and other enrollment requirements.

Course costs including required supplies and books will not exceed US $200.00. The final course cost and bill will be submitted with the course syllabus. If we do not reach our minimum amount of students we will provide a full refund for the program and unused books and supplies.

Those not wishing to purchase a hijama set can be refunded that amount.

Please understand we are not in the business of offering on-line courses. Hijama training is not a distance learning program and requires at least fifty (50) hours of practical study with no guarantee students will receive an ijaaza at the end of the course.

Students that live outside the USA may want to consider organizing several students in your area and inviting an authorized teacher to come conduct the practical and required fifty hours portion of this program.

Our objective in offering courses is only to identify real healers who can provide
authentic hijama services to the general public and uphold this important sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (saw) in a respectful and honorable manner. We are charging for the courses to make certain students are serious. Certain supplies and books will need to be purchased by each student as well. We will consider a sliding scale for those in financial need. Students who already have a hijama set and want to use their own may have to submit a picture of the set for approval.

Baraka la feek


Please Note: all answers should be contained in the body of your email, not as an attached document. You may copy and paste the following questions into your email client.


  • What do you understand the term authorized ijaaza to mean and how does it differ from the term certification or degree?
  • Take one ailment or illness you believe benefits from hijama treatment and describe why you think hijama works to cure that illness or disease?
  • Please briefly describe why you believe such a profoundly intelligent and articulate man, Prophet Muhammad (saw), was illiterate (unlettered). (For those non-Muslims not familiar with Prophet Muhammad this may require some research, just do your best to answer - we will cover this in the course).
  • Please provide a short explanation as to why you wish to learn about hijama and provide any experience or training you think to be relevant.

For the honor of the most honored amongst creation, Saydinah Muhammad (saw).


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