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   Hijama vs. Cupping
     Cleaning and Maintaining the Cardiovascular System

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Hijama vs. Cupping is much more than a book about hijama. It covers many contemporary topics and issues of paramount importance.

Hijama vs. Cupping is an important work in helping to restore the honor of the ijaaza system and glorify Islam once again. We encourage everyone who believes in this book and what it has to offer to help promote it by including the following icon on your website, Facebook account, blog, etc. You can also sign up to become an affiliate at and earn money while promoting the book.

The book offers much more than just information on Hijama, addressing many important health issues and concerns for everyone looking for optimal health.


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Many practitioners prefer glass for sterility and natural reasons - we do as well. Here is Broken Earth's top choice for glass suction cups. 



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These is a high quality dishwasher safe plastic cup set. Some practitioners prefer the plastic to avoid the hazards of cups becoming loose and breaking.






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