The key to opening hearts is Remembrance of God!

Meditation circles provide the highest form for reaching spiritual understanding and enlightenment as one of the secrets of a circle is that everyone is raised to the highest level of the most spiritually advanced person in the circle. You simply need to come and join the circle to be elevated to the level of the highest person there.

This is an amazing blessing and gift.

With regular sincere attendance to meditation circles along with private meditation exercises, aspirants will begin the process of cleaning their heart and activating their spiritual senses.

This leads to real freedom and true happiness.

The physical senses lie and cheat us all. Once your spiritual senses are activated you can see reality and truth for what it really is.  Deaf, dumb and blind they will never see, refers to the spiritual senses, not the physical senses.

Come join the Divine Associations Each Thursday Evening after Sunset

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