Saint Yusef Mahmoud Tattan (Sadiqq)  

Aug 1989 - Nov 2006

From the Cherokee, Iroquois, Syrian, English and Irish Tribes a descendent from noble Native American Nations and the family of the most honored of mankind Prophet Muhammad (saw).

Loved by all who were fortunate to know him, Saint Yusef was informed by his
Spiritual Guide, Teacher and Chief to be one amongst the 700 top Saints/Shamans/Awliyas of our time. His Spiritual Guide, Teacher and Chief added that he may be amongst the top 350 but was not able to say with certainty. He spoke of Saint Yusef as his grandchild and classmate - meanings that transcend normal definitions.

Confirmation of Saint Yusef''s sainthood was even more evident when a beautiful aroma permeating from Saint Yusef''s still body filled the air around him. When placed in his Maqam (residence), the tomb where he was buried, his body was as if sleeping - free from the normal conditions of death.

Saint Yusef''s inspiration and last wish, to help others, was the genesis of the Broken Earth effort. All that is done is dedicated to Saint Yusef and for the honor of the most honored amongst mankind in servitude to the Creator of All Things.

SPECIAL REQUEST:  Yusef was in Cyprus in the Summer of 2006, if anyone has pictures of him, especially in his blue turban, please send us a copy. Thank you.

Saint Yusef''s last earthly message to mankind in this worldly state coming from his spiritual stations is as follows:


We are all descended from the One!

We are not American, Iraqi, etc . . .

We are all human and when a human kills another human they betray humanity.

I am tired of seeing children dying in Mexico, Lebanon, Iraq . . .

I am here to help, help my own people, help humanity.

You want Love and Prosperity then you must give Love and Prosperity!

Please, no clapping . . . this is very serious!

I saw you, Ok, cheating people.

Try and treat other people with kindness, love.

Think! Ok!

We are not Muslim, Christian or Jews.

We are all humans and anyone who kills another human betrays humanity.

When there is Love in your heart it goes on forever Love never stops.

Anger destroys and what destroys goes on destroying.

So take anger out of your heart.  

When you have love in your heart, it never stops

And when you have anger in your heart it destroys and the destruction goes on forever

So keep love in your heart

When one human destroys another he betrays humanity

All wars are civil wars because all men are brothers

We are all descended from the One

We are not all Muslim or Christian or Jew, but we are all human

If everyone would keep love in their hearts then war would no longer be in the equation.

Saint Yusef Mahmoud Tattan


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