Come join us at the Galax Public Library on the last Monday of each month or the Carroll County Public Library on the second Monday of each month at 7:00 PM in the evening until whenever.

The True Saints Amongst Us Have Walked the Earth Mostly Hidden for Many Centuries.

All of that is About to Change.

A Divine Association of Hearts Exploring Advanced Sufi Meditative Practices, the All Important Heart Connection, and Plenty of Enlightened Conversation with New Local Friends.

Carroll County Public Library
Where: 101 Beaver Dam Road
Hillsville, Virginia 24343
When:  Second Monday of each month
Meditation Circle @ 7:00 PM
Sick By Design Seminar @ 8:00 PM
Cost:  FREE  
  Refreshments Served
Galax Public Library
Where: 610 West Stuart Drive
Galax, Virginia 24333
When:  Last Monday of each month
Meditation Circle @ 7:00 PM
Sick By Design Seminar @ 8:00 PM
Cost:  FREE
  Refreshments Served


Our intention is to establish a Darga to serve the local community of Hillsdale, Woodlawn, Galax , Independence, etc.  If there is interest we will acquire acreage to start an organic green house operation and slowly add organic livestock, chickens, eggs, and other local naturally grown food. If we do not take back control of our food sources we are in very deep trouble. Factory food, by design, is poisoning us all. Part of our efforts will be focused on educating the public about the outright assault on our food, air and water supplies to cull the population. May sound crazy at first, but the evidence is all there to see for yourselves.  This is why it is so critical for communities to come together right now and grow there own food. There is no better place to do that than land dedicated to the service of God Almighty.

What is a Darga?

A Darga, also called a Zawiya, is a humble clean place - A dedicated environment for reaching to Divine Presence.

Sanctuaries, retreats, temples, synagogues, churches, mosques, ashrams, sweat lodges, so many different ways - all places of worship where people attempt to become closer to the Creator or become more in touch with one's own spiritual being or purpose in creation. Many, unfortunately, not all, but many, are mostly dedicated to social interaction, more akin to country club settings than houses of prayer and worship. Since the advent of the 501(c)3 non-profit status, worship centers have become subservient to government interests and regulations - something our forefathers vehemently opposed. While all are providing a sense of belonging and community, holy sanctuaries should be primarily focused on reaching to Divine Presence. To learn to fly you need a flying instructor. To reach Divine Presence you need to find someone who has already reached and can show you the way.

To the extent these places of worship help you to loose your identity while providing a method for purifying and cleaning the heart, they may help you move towards higher awareness, actualization, spiritual advancement, annihilation, whatever you wish to call it.

To the extent these places exist to provide feel good services to make you believe you are someone important, give you a title or identity, or pamper you with physical pleasures - pleasures that cause the ego to be happy, they are false and will ultimately inhibit your spiritual advancement. We are not talking about a bunch of staunch conservatives who never smile or have fun, no! But we must all learn how to ride our wild horses and ride responsibly.

Today, there are so many places dedicated to dirtiness. Millions of places promoting material, physical, mental and sexual pleasures - all of which dull the spiritual senses and dirty the heart.

More than anything a Darga (dergah) is a dedicated place that is clean where those who wish to reach Divine Presences can come for ten minutes, two hours, one or more days and attempt to purify their hearts and reach Divine Presence.

True actualization requires a clean heart and good intention.

So when you come to a Darga (dergah) you are leaving behind the material world and dedicating what time you are able to spend at the Darga towards purifying your heart and reaching to Divine Presence. Its a miniature retreat or seclusion dedicated to perfecting your soul.


The Sufi Way

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