Saint Yusef's Maqam Fund

Maqam, an Arabic term, is often incorrectly translated as tomb or grave. To better capture the understanding of Maqam the term dwelling or residence is much closer to the real meaning. Maqam also has the combined meaning of level or station, because the earthly Maqam is in fact a worldly representation of the heavenly station or level the person has reached. For each earthly Maqam there is a corresponding heavenly Maqam, dwelling or residence. A common prayer is, "May God grant you a high Maqam" - meaning high spiritual stations and dwellings. A grant made for a high residence in eternity.

A true Maqam of a holy (whole) person is a spiritual power station carrying with it much benefit and protection. The very ground is made holy by the presences of the true friend of God. Just as when alive the benefit of sitting with a holly person rubs off - they are a reminder to us of our obligations to God. Their teaching and words are immeasurable, but the silent teaching and words poured into your hearts upon visiting them is much more beneficial than anything you may receive in the physical realm.  These benefits do not discontinue upon the physical death of the holy person - they are more alive and aware than they had ever been before. The spiritual eyes of their heart are no longer encumbered by their physical eyes.

"Beware of the Believer for he sees with the light of God"!

When alive, or physically present in this world, people would travel great distances to receive just one word of teaching from these true friends of God.

"Seek knowledge even if you have to travel to China"

Seeking knowledge is not referring to book knowledge. It is referring to the knowledge that is poured into your heart - not memorized knowledge. Spiritual knowledge - knowledge without opinion or imagination.

Many spiritual seekers would come to a holy person wanting nothing - simply to pay their respects, for respect paid to the true friends of God is respect paid to God Himself. In fact, respect paid to all of creation is respect for the Creator, but those higher are deserving and giving much more benefit from the respect paid them. Respect to an ant is not like respect towards a Prophet. Nonetheless, all respect is raising you higher.

When we enter a Maqam we are not going to visit a dead person, no! What is the point in visiting someone that is dead? You may give respect from anywhere - why visiting? Holy people are not dead - there spiritual being lives on. You are coming to pay your respect to that holy one and they are aware of your visit. Never say this person is dead! 

The closer you are connected to the mainframe the faster the connection speed. Visiting a Maqam is like going to recharge your batteries at the main power station. After your heart is connected, it is as if you had a main power line - never running out of spiritual energy. Even with this main line connected, you still love to visit and pay respects. Visiting is respect - nothing should be anticipated in return - but something will always come from a visit. What is coming is from God alone, not the one you are visiting.

The knowledge about Maqam's is an endless knowledge. When seeing and understanding with your heart - what is opening is unimaginable. Sharing what is understood in the heart with those still under the limitations of their physical being will cause much confusion and trouble. Not everyone is able to reach or understand such things. Our advise is to go visit and benefit from what it is you still may not understand, in hopes that you will eventually understand. Making the effort to go visit for the sake of pleasing God and learning something that you know nothing about is a very good start.

Yusef's stations are way beyond what we ourselves understand. But we understand that his stations are extremely high and visiting his Maqam is exceedingly beneficial. In time, Yusef's Maqam will be better understood. In time his position and responsibility for North America will become known. Until then, make an effort to go visit - for no one else's benefit but your own.

We would love to hear about your experiences.

Visiting Yusef's Holy Maqam


Google Map to Broken Earth

Abiquiu is the heart of north-central New Mexico’s Río Arriba County.  Yusef's Maqam is locate on County Road 155 in Abiquiu New Mexico 87510.

Coming up from Santa Fe you will come up over a bluff and see a sign for Abiquiu. At the top of that bluff you can turn left for the post office or village of Abiquiu or right into Bode's Country Store and Phillips gas station. If you go past Bode's staying on Highway 84 the next road on the right will be CR 155. You will dip down through a wash and continue on the dirt road for about a 1/2 mile. On the left you will see an adobe woodworking shop called Andalusia. Saint Yusef's Maqam is located in front with a wood picket fence around it.

The nearest airports are in Santa Fe (regional flights) and Albuquerque (main connections). Albuquerque International Airport is exactly a two hour drive *). Santa Fe Airport is an hour’s drive away.

The shortest way from Albuquerque International Airport is through Santa Fe. But our suggestion is to take Interstate #25 to Bernalillo, then Highway #44 to just north of Cuba, where you take a right onto Highway #96 to Gallina, Coyote, and Abiquiu Lake, then turn south on Highway #84 to enter Abiquiu Valley. We promise you will really enjoy this slightly longer trip! Look for Bose's General Store and then turn around and go back to the first major dirt road on your right - County Road 155. Follow above directions.


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