Sheikh Nazim Al-Haqqani, The Proof of Generosity and the Pole of Creation.

Sheik Nazim Al Haqqani is one of the few living and accessible Saints of our time. He lives on the small island of Cyprus on the Northern side, currently under Turkish rule. He lives very simply and turns no one away from his table. His modest home feeds over one hundred people a day, year round. Rain or shine, cold winters and boiling summers, he is always available for the hearts of human beings flocking to him for guidance. Sometimes that guidance comes through a glance, an inspiration of the heart, or just a few words. Just being in his presence brings light to the heart and quite often tears to the eyes.

We, your hosts at Broken Earth, do not claim to be special students, or even successful ones. We love him because he carries our hearts and prayers to our Creator, and we are loved by him and belong to him  simply because he says so.

During Saint Yusef's last earthly encounter with the Sheik, he placed his hand on Yusef's head and told him that he was "of the 700, and perhaps even the 350," he also said he loved Yusef and that they were "classmates." Earlier in the summer, he often referred to him as his 'grandson.'



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